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What our customers say...

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic poster and great service. Thanks for making my parents happy in this difficult time of Covid-19. I live in Spain and we do not have the option to see each other - and the summer holiday home is cancelled as well. So this poster brought great joy and even tears to the eyes of my parents. You have some amazing products which make people happy! 👍 Thanks!

Niclas, Spain

No doubt I will use you again for future gifts for people near to my heart. Thanks for a wonderful customer service and product!

Sanije, Denmark

I sent one to my parents back home and my mother wept with joy, when she saw the poster. My father also just happened to get something in his eye at the same time - or so he said.

Thank you so much from me!

Alice, Denmark

It is fast and easy to make your own poster 😊

Tine, Denmark

Great service, nice advertisment.
Ordered and recevied 2 days later.
The recipient was very touched and happy about the poster.

Jacob, Sweden